Angelique Ashby has taken the maximum allowable contribution from a PAC funded by Chevron & other big oil companies.

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Big Oil Is Funding False Attacks On Dave Jones

Big Oil and its allies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking Dave Jones. Here’s the proof:

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Big Oil Is Attacking Dave Because He Fights For People, Not Corporations

Big Oil companies are attacking Dave because he has a record of fighting for Californians, not polluters. Dave is supported by the Sierra Club, California Environmental Voters, Sunrise Movement Sacramento, California Environmental Justice Alliance and the Democratic Party because he has a track record of protecting the environment. 

As California’s Insurance Commissioner, Dave was the first financial regulator in the world to ask an entire industry to divest from coal, and the first to require insurance companies to disclose their investments in fossil fuels and utilities. 

Dave’s Environmental Record





Fact Check: Big Oil Is Pumping Out Lies

Here are the facts about the misleading attacks on Dave Jones. 

Big Oil says: Dave Jones is beholden to insurance companies because
“Dave Loves Those Insurance $$$”

The truth: As California’s Insurance Commissioner, Dave refused to accept any campaign contributions from insurance companies or their executives. Dave was the most pro-consumer Insurance Commissioner in the United States, and he wrote and implemented landmark insurance regulations to protect consumers. Dave received campaign contributions from attorneys who work at law firms (almost every big law firm does some insurance work), but never accepted contributions from lawyers employed by insurance companies. The ultimate in hypocrisy is that insurance companies are helping to fund the false ads attacking Dave for supposedly being close with insurance companies! Here’s the proof:

Big Oil says: Dave “voted to slash money from schools and social services”.

The Truth: In the State Assembly, Dave wrote the law that created the California State Preschool Program, the largest pre-school and early education program in the country. Dave is an educator, and has always fought for more funding for public education and social services. Big Oil’s “evidence” is that, after the economy crashed in 2009, the state budget faced a huge shortfall, and the legislature was forced to balance the budget and cut spending until revenues came back. Dave fought in the Assembly to preserve as much funding as possible for public education and social services, but Big Oil doesn’t care about facts.

Dave is supported by:

Special Interests Say: Dave supports “Taking Away Medicare” by “establishing a government run healthcare system”

The Truth: Dave strongly supports Medicare, supports fully funding Medicare, and opposes any cuts to Medicare benefits. Medicare is a federal program, and Dave is running for State Senate, which has no jurisdiction over Medicare, but that didn’t stop special interests from making up this preposterous lie. Dave believes that all people have a right to healthcare, which is why Dave is the only candidate supported by the California Nurses Association, the National Union of Healthcare Workers, Health Care for All California, the California State Retirees Association, and the California Democratic Party.

"My opponent's supporters are lying again. This time they are lying in a mailer they sent voters about Medicare. I have always supported Medicare. I do not support taking away or ending Medicare. That's a lie. I have always supported Medicare because I believe that healthcare is a human right, and I'm proud to have the support of the California Democratic Party, the California Nurses Association, California State Retirees, and others who fight to defend Medicare. These special interests think voters are not smart enough to know that the State Senate does not have jurisdiction over Medicare, which is a federal program. And they are trying to scare seniors who depend on Medicare. Shame on my opponents' supporters.

Sadly, we can expect more of the same. Oil companies who support my opponents disclosed that they will be spending $3 Million in more attack ads on TV, cable, streaming and social media. Don't believe the lies they are telling voters."

- Dave Jones

Big Oil says: Dave had a political “slush fund” when he was on the City Council, and was “appearing to use $185,000 in taxpayer funds for political gain.”

The Truth: Members of the Sacramento City Council were each allocated $40,000 a year to spend on community and neighborhood improvement projects in their districts. Dave used these funds exclusively on community projects, and no one (including the big oil companies) has ever alleged that the money was spent improperly. But Big Oil companies don’t care about funding for community and neighborhood projects, so they’re calling the money allocated to councilmembers for projects a “slush fund.” As Insurance Commissioner, Dave helped to investigate and put corrupt politicians in prison, but Big Oil does not care about the facts. Dave has always fought corruption and stood up to political cronyism, which is why he earned the endorsement of the Courage Campaign, one of California’s leading organizations combating political corruption.

Big Oil Says: Dave Jones was sued because he allegedly failed to regulate out of state insurance adjustors

The Truth: The court decided that the lawsuit was completely without merit and issued a ruling in favor of Dave, in his capacity as California Insurance Commissioner. You can read the judge’s ruling here. Dave fought for wildfire victims, issued orders requiring insurers to accelerate pay-outs, and obtained hundreds of millions in payments for wildfire victims.