Sacramento, CA – Dave Jones has secured a first place finish in the primary election for State Senate District 8. With yesterday’s release of ballots from the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters, Dave Jones leads second place-finisher Angelique Ashby by 7,567 votes, or 5%, with fewer than 1,000 ballots remaining to count. Dave Jones is the California Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for State Senate. Results from Sacramento County can be found here.

Dave Jones released the following statement regarding his primary victory:
“I want to thank the voters who came out to make their voices heard, the thousands of volunteers and supporters who fought to make this victory possible, and the Democratic Party for its endorsement. We won this primary, and are proceeding to the general election, even in the face of more than $1.3 million spent against us by Big Oil and its allies. We have sent a message that our communities are not for sale. I am running for State Senate because I believe that people need a champion, and that the challenges our state and region face can be solved when people come together with common purpose.
The stakes of the general election are high. Are we going to fight to provide more affordable housing and address homelessness, to lift up working families, to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone, to protect access to reproductive health care, to make our communities safe from gun violence and crime, and to save the future of our environment? Or are we going to go backwards as a state, and give in to the special interests that couldn’t care less about the everyday lives of people? We worked hard for our common cause. Now we are going on to the general election, and we are going to work even harder to win.”

A full list of Dave Jones’ endorsements, including the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, can be found here